Monday, November 8, 2010

A NEW DIMENSION...A NEW ERA....sigh.....

I'm entering another dimension in my life. I'm going to have my teeth extracted on November 12th (if the cardiologist says I'm fit) and start wearing dentures. I am oh so not ready for this next stage of life to begin.

I'm really feeling awful because I have nobody in my life to share this with. I have nobody in my family who has dentures, that's still alive.

I'm tired of the jokes as much as someone who can't have children is told, "You wouldn't want a little brat in this economy anyway!"

I'm trying to put on the big girl panties and stop feeling so horrible...but the anxiety is increasing daily.

Friday, May 28, 2010

It's a cool but wonderful Spring this year!

I've reached my saturation point once again. It happens approximately every 11 months. I'm getting much better because when I was younger (in my 20's and my 30's) it would occur about every 4 to six months! Like a can only hold soooo much and then its time to squeeze it all out and start collecting again.

I've reached my saturation point on many things. I'll just name a few but not in any particular order. All of them piss me off.......all of them I find offensive.......

1. oil in the ocean....polluting beaches and marsh lands....killing wild things that depend on clean areas to nest and rebirth. (we give so damn little to this planet that it makes me ill to think that I'm part of the human race)
2. boycotting (does that have one t or two?) Arizona because they want to enforce laws prohibiting ILLEGAL HUMANS (humans that are citizens of another country) from entering this country without the proper paperwork. visa, passport, etc.) PLEASE please don't give me that liberal bullshit about how they just want a NICE place to live and to work and how they dont want to suffer under the governing bodies in their own country! Tell THEM to stand firm and fucking change their government so that they can live in peace in their own country! And while you're at it...tell them it's NOT all right to sneak across the border and take up living in this country. Tell them that we welcome them ONLY if they apply for citizenship in this country and also tell them to TRY to learn English. It is a language that is spoken here in the United States.
3. DEMOCRATS vs REPUBLICANS.....I am soooo tired of the bullshit bantering back and forth and I am REALLLLY tired of hearing George Bush and Dick Cheney mentioned. What is it a bad news day that you can't talk about that piece of work that lives in the White House and who has TOTALLY FUCKED UP THIS COUNTRY!! Let's talk about the change that he has's it working for you so far??? Can you tell me anything that this creepy monster has accomplished??? could you ever say that you voted for this guy without expecting the person you're talking to, spit in your face!!!
But just's going to get better.
I'd worry a bit if they tell you that you're going to have to get on this train to relocate to areas that need workers. There just might be a crematorium at the end of that train ride for you and your friends and family who need those new jobs.
Yes, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the shit that is happening in the economy. And not one of you knows any more than I do about what is really happening in this country, so stop pretending that you're smart and that you have answers. You dont.
4. I'm tired of the economy being held over my head as a means to keep my wages so low that I cant plan a vacation, can't save a damn dime, and that that the quality of my life absolutely sucks.
5. I'm tired of insurance companies telling me which drugs I can now have and that my doctor will have to petition them and prove that I need the drug that he prescribed in the first place! Who the fuck are these people making these decisions!! They don't even know me!! Do they even know my doctor????

I could go on and on and I just might do that at the risk of offending anyone else who reads this shitty website that holds other people's stupid and often assinine thoughts about life. But for now...I'll go sit outside on the patio and think about all the people in my life that mention me on their blogs......and all of those who couldn't give a shit less if I ever am mentioned.


I'm pissed off today. I just don't understand the world around me any longer.
Yesterday morning, before I left work, one of the dayshift cashiers came into the cage and told me that Gwen Williams had passed away. Gwen was a black girl that I have worked with for YEARS in the cashiers cage. I believe that we worked together for 4 years at Wynn LV, a few years at The Venetian and a few years prior to that at The Rio.
I will remember Gwen as someone who was always hitting the time clock just seconds before being considered by management as late. She was always running in to work, in a hurry to get there and yet once there, she took her time and did her job the right way.
Unfortunately, Gwen's way wasn't the way that other "know it all bitch cashiers" would have liked her to operate. Some even went to the boss and ratted on her with unkind words. They told the boss that she was slow...and that they had to work harder and that it wasn't fair~!! All was said with a whine in their voices.
As you can imagine, I have sooooo little respect for them as I write this blog.
Well...they cant kick Gwen around any longer. As a matter of fact....not one person from Gwen's shift has even said how sorry they were to hear of her passing!! Can you fucking believe this??? A human being lost their life to cancer...and not one of them bowed their heads in shame for making her life at work a living nightmare. I was disgusted when I went online to check out my little farm on Facebook and discovered that not one of them had commented about Gwen's passing!! Even after I had left a message that said that I would miss her.
I'd give them the benefit of the doubt for not commenting but they sit on their fat asses and play their stupid fucking games all day without one concern for another human being.
I cant wait to leave this planet! It's becoming populated with androids. People who can't or won't say that they are sorry for the loss of another individuals life!
God what have we become???? I'm totally fucking blown away and mad as hell.
I'd break something if I knew it would make me feel better or change anything but I know it won't. deserved better then the group of assholes that you worked with. And yes Gwen, you will be missed by at least one person....and that would be ME!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

After viewing the photo of my sister and me (which I can't tell you how happy we both were to see such a nice photo of the two of us!) it occurred to me just how special the relationship between siblings is and can be.
I immediately thought of my two daughters, some day in the future, having their photograph taken together and enjoying life as much as my sister Patsy and I were enjoying the day! I've been blessed for the last 25 years to have my sister living so close to me and being able to hop in the car and be at her house within a few minutes! I've been blessed with a sister who can COOK! Yep those turkey dinners and wonderful Christmas hams and all the trimmings don't just fall from the sky! I've been blessed with her laughter and her positive comments when my life seemed to be falling apart and her natural way of hugging me and telling me that things WILL get better (and they did). She's been my best and dearest friend for my entire life (except for that ONE night when you wouldn't take me to the bathroom so I could The thought of ever being without her sends me into such a deep pit of depression.
I can only say one thing right now......


The Best Sister in the Whole World

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Well...gee, where does one start after so many months of not writing a little bit of something each day? was HOT but I was enjoying the garden. was HOTTER but I was still enjoying the garden and PUMPKINS were growing everywhere! September...Not so HOT but the realization that Summer was just about over with and all of the green things were going to start turning that sickly pale green, then yellow and then brown. And of course this is just what happened by October! We had pumpkins, we had watermelons and cantaloupe from our garden. We enjoyed the green peppers and tomatos and of course the lettuce. Many things were learned in our little backyard and I can't wait to get out and get planting this year.

I love container gardening. I suppose it's because I have more control over the amount of sunlight, heat, waterings, and of course the pretty pots. Nothing would make me happier then to have a few BIG beautfiul pots for the new "crops" this year. I pointed out a couple of really beautiful pots to Brian yesterday when we visited Star Nursery. Of course neither of us could afford them but it was incredible to dream about what terrific little plants I'd put into each of them if we could buy them.

Last year Brian made two frames for me for above ground gardening. This year, I'd like for him to increase the height of the sides of the frames. The reason...I'd love to be able to add more dirt and mulch and compost and of course the added height means that I don't have to bend down so far to reap what I've sown!

In the planter boxes right now...I have last years fancy Geraniums but I have a feeling that 3 new plants will be taking the old plants places. The winter got pretty cold and I'm not sure that they are going to make it. I'll still be planting the petunias and I don't think that I'm going to have to worry about marigolds for the rest of my life!!!! These plants took over the flower box and there were enough seeds to replant an entire mountain valley! I'll have to show you when they start coming up this year. I'll include pictures in my next blog.

The backyard needs to be fertilized and of course weed killer will take out most of everything that looks brown right now. It was a beautiful yard last year. This year we are planning on getting rid of that huge "CAT BOX" off of the patio. We want to remove the "sand" and put in a couple tons of black dirt. Brian has his eye on planting there so I'll leave that up to him to play with.

Well....let's see....November...Thanksgiving....we spent it with my sister and family! And had such a nice time. She knows how to put together a dinner like no other and everything is done at the right time, the perfect temperature and looks beautiful! We even got a HUGE plate of everything to take home to enjoy for the next few days!

December.....nobody was able to come home to see me and I wasn't in any financial way to go see any of them. I was able to send my grandson a tricylce and a talking truck for Christmas and that made me very excited that he would at last get a present or two from me. Unfortunately, as it turned out, my son didn't go pick up the presents from the UPS center and they were returned to the store from which they were sent. Nice going Tom....can't explain just how great you made this grandma feel...!

The New Year came and went....and I was sooooo glad to see 2009 disappear into the ages. It was a horrible year for finances. It was a horrible year for travel. It was a horrible year for the economy and the only thing that I kept telling myself is that 2010 will be soooo much better!

And so's turned out to be just that!
Looking forward to Spring and to Summer!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm not sure just how many people have food storage and rotation racks but if you are ready to begin food storage, this is the company that carries a line of products that will knock your socks off.
On top of that, they offer a free give away. You'll have to check it out their site and let me know which unit you decide to buy!
I'm looking at the Pantry 72" would be perfect for my needs and from there I can start building a larger storage pantry.